TOKYO SHARE FUNABORI : For people learning/teaching Japanese language


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Share house for people learning Japanese language

This house is suitable for students learning Japanese language or people who want to teach Japanese language.

**4 min. walking to Japanese Language School**

You can approach to Ohara Japanese Language School with 4 minutes walking. Many students are living in this house, so you can have a study group with them.

**Convenient Place**

You can approach to a supermarket, 100 yen shop and a drug store with 1 minute walking. There are 3 public baths with hot spring, Funabori tower, a big driving range, and relaxation spa around the house.

**Easy access to the center of Tokyo**

Toei Shinjuku-Line subway takes you to each location as below ;

Iwamotocho (closed to Akihabara)
- Ogawamachi (closed to Ochanomizu)
- Jimbocho
- Ichigaya
- Shinjuku sanchome
- Shinjuku

**Wide space**

Wide space of the dinning area makes you relaxed. You can exercise in the gym area.

Room Status

Room No. Floor Wide(m^2) Status Room Fee Picutre Note
303A3F13.7Vacant41,000JPYOnly Male
303B3F13.7Vacant41,000JPYOnly Male
305A3F13.7Vacant41,000JPYOnly Female
305B3F13.7Vacant41,000JPYOnly Female
307B3F10.3Vacant38,000JPYOnly Male
309B3F8.9Vacant37,500JPYOnly Male
310C3F15.9Vacant32,000JPYOnly Male
310D3F15.9Vacant32,000JPYOnly Male
313A3F9.4Vacant39,500JPYNo imageOnly Female
Utility fee shall be added on monthly fee
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Detail Information

Location, Access Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
3 min. walking Funabori station (Toei Shinjuku-line)
Rooms 15 rooms
Maximum people 34 people
Fee Monthly Room fee 32,000~41,000 yen
Utiliry fee 7,000 yen
Initial Cost Deposit(2 month of room fee and utility fee)、No key money, No guaranty fee
Equipments in the room Bed, Desk, Chair, Refregirator, Pipe of cloth, Air conditioner, Curtain
Equipments & Facility in the comman space Gym area, guest room,1 bath room, 3 of shower room, Toilet for male, Toilet for female, 2 kitchens, 2 landries, 2 driers, TV
Convenience Store 2 min. walking、Supermarket 1 min. walking、Driving range 3 min walking、Spa 3 min. walking、Bank 5 min. walking
100 Yen shop and drug store in the same building.
Room Status Available

Dairy in the house

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