TOKYO SHARE FUNABORI : For people learning/teaching Japanese language


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Share house for people learning Japanese language

This house is suitable for students learning Japanese language or people who want to teach Japanese language.

**4 min. walking to Japanese Language School**

You can approach to Ohara Japanese Language School with 4 minutes walking. Many students are living in this house, so you can have a study group with them.

**Convenient Place**

You can approach to a supermarket, 100 yen shop and a drug store with 1 minute walking. There are 3 public baths with hot spring, Funabori tower, a big driving range, and relaxation spa around the house.

**Easy access to the center of Tokyo**

Toei Shinjuku-Line subway takes you to each location as below ;

Iwamotocho (closed to Akihabara)
- Ogawamachi (closed to Ochanomizu)
- Jimbocho
- Ichigaya
- Shinjuku sanchome
- Shinjuku

**Wide space**

Wide space of the dinning area makes you relaxed.

(Appedix)The current view might be different from shown pictures due to the layout change.

Room Status

Room No. Floor Wide(m^2) Status Room Fee Picutre Note
302B3F13.7Will be Vacant39,500JPYOnly Male From 3rd/Apr.
305B3F13.7Will be Vacant39,500JPYOnly Female From 3rd/Apr.
306B3F11.8Vacant39,000JPYNo imageOnly Female
307B3F10.3Will be Vacant38,000JPYOnly Male From 3rd/Apr.
310D3F15.9Vacant32,000JPYOnyly Male
311B3F15.9Will be Vacant32,000JPYOnly Female From 3rd/Apr.
311C3F15.9Vacant32,000JPYOnly Female
311D3F15.9Vacant32,000JPYOnly Female
Utility fee shall be added on monthly fee
Faster inquiry, faster priority

Detail Information

Location, Access Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
3 min. walking Funabori station (Toei Shinjuku-line)
Rooms 14 rooms
Maximum people 31 people
Fee Monthly Room fee 32,000~39,500 yen
Utiliry fee 7,000 yen
Deposit 1 month
Cleaning fee as initial 2,000 yen
Equipments in the room Bed, Desk, Chair, Refregirator, Pipe of cloth, Air conditioner, Curtain
Equipments & Facility in the comman space Guest room,1 bath room, 3 of shower room, Toilet for male, Toilet for female, 2 kitchens, 2 landries, 4 driers, TV
Convenience Store 2 min. walking、Supermarket 1 min. walking、Driving range 3 min walking、Spa 3 min. walking、Bank 5 min. walking
100 Yen shop and drug store in the same building.
Room Status Available

Dairy in the house

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